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Scheduling a Talk or Presentation

Speaking to Parishes, groups, retreats and conferences is an important part of my ministry and one in which I take special delight.  A variety of formats and settings are possible -- a single talk, two talks in the course of a day or on subsequent days, multi-day retreats, classes taught, etc.

If I give a single talk it is usually a combination of my witness testimony and an overview of the role of Judaism in salvation history, largely drawn from my book Salvation is from the Jews.

Other talks that I give include:

- Jesus in the Jewish Scriptures and Talmud

- Notable Jewish Catholic Converts and their Contributions to the Faith

- The Role of Islam in Salvation History

- Anti-Christianity, Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and the Second Coming

- The State of Judaism at the Time of Jesus

- The Legality of Jesus' Trial under Jewish Law

- The Development of Church Teaching about Judaism and the Jews

- Vatican II, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and the Jews

and so forth...

I also have several special presentations which are particularly appropriate for Lent and the Easter Season:

- a Passover Seder in the Light of Christ, in which I lead a Passover Seder following the Jewish ritual, while illumining the Christological  inner meaning of the ritual, and show the relationship between the Passover Seder and the Catholic Mass, so that the participants are drawn into an experience of the Last Supper, which was of course simultaneously the last sacramental Passover Seder and the first Catholic Mass.

- a presentation that includes a showing of Gibson’s Passion of the Christ preceded by a talk about the state of the Jewish hierarchy at the time of Jesus, Jewish prophecies about the suffering and death of the Messiah, and the illegality of the trial of Jesus under Jewish law,  enabling the viewers to see the Passion movie through the eyes of 1st century Judaism.

If you think that either or both of these presentations may be of interest to your group or parish, do not hesitate to email Roy for further details, or to inquire about availability.

(click here to see letter of recommendation from Bishop Victor Galeone of St. Augustine FL)