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Cardinal Raymond Burke

Cardinal Raymond Burke, now at the Vatican as head of the Canon Law court system for the entire Church ("Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura") was interviewed by Association of Hebrew Catholics president David Moss as part of its October, 2010 conference on the theme of Jewish Catholics and the Mission of the Church.  Video from that interview is available by clicking on the links below.

(The clips below give only Cardinal Burke's replies.  The full interview including the questions are available on the AHC website.)

        1. Question 1 (8 min) -- on the continuing election of Jews after their entry into the Catholic Church

        2. Question 2 (7 min) -- on the corporate nature of the election of Jewish people within the Catholic Church

        3. Question 3 (5 min) -- on the legitimacy of celebrating Jewish traditions within the Church

        4. Question 4 (10 min) -- on some relevant historical Church statements, including by Pope Eugenius IV and Pope Benedict XIV, and the relation between the shadow in the Old Covenant and the reality in the New Covenant.

        5. Question 5 (5 min) -- on the life of Jewish Catholics in the Church today