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DVD's and CD's of Roy's Talks and Shows

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3 Full Talks on one Video-DVD:

3 Talk DVD

1. Witness Testimony (55 min)

2. The Role of Judaism in Salvation History (60 min)
3. The Role of Islam in the Plan of Salvation (30 min)

2 1/2 hours/ 1 DVD / $15

The entire book "Salvation is from the Jews" discussed in 14 half-hour TV shows:


7 hours / 2 DVD's / $20

From a 4-Day Triduum Retreat: 7 Talks on 2 Video-DVD's

7 Talks

1. The Ilegality of Jesus' Trial
2. Confirmation of Jesus in the Jewish Scriptures
3. Role of Judaism until the 1st Coming
4. Roy's Witness Testimony
5. Jewish Conversion Today
6. The Holocaust, the Conversion of the Jews, and the 2nd Coming
7. Q & A Period

5 3/4 hours / 2 DVD's / $20

Some Jewish Converts from the book "Honey from the Rock" discussed in 4 half-hour TV shows:


The Jewish converts whose stories are told in the book are from a variety of backgrounds, from Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox to secular and atheist, but they all shared a profound thirst for God that gave them no peace until they found Him in the Catholic Church. Among those discussed in this DVD are Charlie Rich, Alphonse Ratisbonne, and Rabbi Zolli. Each has a powerful story of a life-changing spiritual transformation. Enjoy these commentaries with Roy Schoeman, author of "Honey From the Rock".

1 3/4 hours / 1 DVD / $10

Double CD Set with 2 Talks:


1. Witness Testimony (55 min)
2. The Jews, the Holocaust, and the 2nd Coming (60 min)

2 hours / 2 Audio CD's / $12

Single CD with 1 Combined Talk:


Combined "Witness Testimony" and "The Role of Judaism in Salvation History" with Q & A (67 min)

1+ hour / 1 Audio CD / $7
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