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Letters from Readers of "Honey from the Rock":

Honey from the Rock illuminates the essential link between the Jewish faith and Catholicism through the lives of those who were born into the Jewish faith and have come to know the fullillment of their faith in Christ and His Catholic Church. I recommend Honey from the Rock to anyone who desires to understand the revealed faith of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, which is fulfilled in Jesus Christ and His Mystical Body, the Church.

Honey from the Rock illustrates in a most concrete way the truth expounded so well by Roy Schoeman in his earlier work,
Salvation is from the Jews, which I also wholeheartedly recommend.

Most Reverend Raymond L. Burke
Archbishop of Saint Louis

...thank you so much for "Honey from the Rock". I have read it with great interest. The stories of Hebrews finding Jesus have always something moving in them. Each time is like witnessing a miracle. I was especially impressed by the role played in almost every story by the Eucharist, the Lamb of God and Mary and by the increased appreciation of the privilege of being of the race of Israel.

May the Lord bless all people whose story I have read and use them for the full reconciliation between Christians and Hebrew people.
Father Raniero Cantalamessa, ofmcap
Preacher to the Papal Households of Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI

Dear Professor Schoeman,

I have just finished reading Honey From the Rock.  Amazing!   Wow!  I told my husband I am so jealous!  I wish I had been born Jewish!  I was overcome with tears reading many of the stories of the seeker's journeys.  I consider that I have the gift of tears; they come especially in moments of pure joy, and awe, and in deep gratitude. How marvelous are the many ways Our Good God reaches out to different people! Reading these conversion stories has made me so very grateful and proud to be a Roman Catholic... I have to thank you, Professor Schoeman, for refueling my thirst to know Jesus more closely.

It is a wonderful and necessary task for you to draw our brothers and sisters of the Jewish tradition to the knowledge that Jesus is the Christ, The Messiah.  I want to encourage you to continue to write for cradle Catholics who don't know about our Jewish routes, and for Jewish people who are seeking to know the Messiah, to help them open their hearts and minds to Jesus.

God bless you, and be assured of our prayers for your continued good works.

London, ON.

Review by reader posted on Amazon.com (click to go to Amazon Reader Reviews):

five starsConversion stories with a difference, June 8, 2007

By  Lance Eccles (Sydney, Australia)

I've read quite a number of accounts of conversions to Rome, mostly involving Protestants or the occasional New Ager, but these conversion stories stand apart from all the rest.

The difference is not simply that these converts are Jews, but that their Jewishness seems to bring with it an added degree of mysticality. So many of these biographies and autobiographies involve episodes in which the other world becomes momentarily visible, and it seems to me that this is not the ordinary convert's experience.

The autobiographical accounts are related with a self-deprecating humour (a Jewish trait?) that adds enormously to the pleasure of reading.

I couldn't put the book down, but I had to pause to think long and hard at the end of each chapter.