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Upcoming Pilgrimages

Each year Roy leads two pilgrimages to the Holy Land which highlight the Jewish roots of the Catholic Church, and emphasize prayer.  In 2020 they will take place May 26 to June 6, and November 23 to December 3:

May 26 to June 6:  Our Chaplain will be Fr. Jeremy Davies, co-founder of the International Ass'n of Exorcists and one of the foremost exorcists in the world. We will also have two other priests along. We will be in Israel for 10 nights, staying at three places -- at the Sea of Galilee, in Nazareth, and in the Old City of Jerusalem.  Click here for the trip brochure and here for the registration materials and more detailsEmail Roy to find out about availability.

November 22 to December 3: Again, we will be in Israel for 10 nights, staying at Mt. Carmel, the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, and the Old City of Jerusalem.Click here for the trip brochure and here for the registration materials and more details.



November 22

Depart Newark airport (NYC area) 4 pm on United flight 84 nonstop to Tel Aviv.  Return on Dec. 3 is also United nonstop. I was very happy to be able to get these flights – being nonstop, it leaves late enough for many of us to have same day connecting flights, while getting in early enough to give us another full day in Israel. Similarly, the return nonstop gets in early enough for many to be able to get home the same day. Also, pilgrims with connecting flights on United may be able to check baggage through with no domestic baggage charge.

November 23

Arrive Tel Aviv airport at 9:20 am.  Board our private bus and drive up the Mediterranean coast to Mt. Carmel, on the way visiting and praying at the site on Mt. Carmel where Elijah’s “Battle with the Prophets of Baal” took place, and from which we can look out over the entire Valley of Meggido where the Battle of Armageddon is prophesied to take place. 
Proceed to Stella Maris Monastery, the Motherhouse of the worldwide Carmelite order, built over Elijah’s Cave. We will have Mass, visit and pray in the cave, and spend the first night there.

November 24-25

We leave Stella Maris and proceed to Mt. Tabor, where Jesus was transfigured in the company of Elijah and Moses. If possible, have lunch on top of Mt. Tabor at the Franciscan monastery there.  Proceed to the Sea of Galilee, where we will be staying for 2 nights.   While based at the Sea of Galilee, we will visit and pray at:

•    Tabgha, where the multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes took place
•    Capernaum, Jesus’ home base during his Galilean ministry, including the home of Peter and the synagogue             there where Jesus gave the Bread of Life discourse
•    Corazin, the city that Jesus “cursed” when He said “Woe unto you, Corazin…”
•    The Primacy of Peter, where Jesus told Peter “Feed my sheep”
•    Mensa Christi, where Jesus met the Apostles after the Resurrection after they were out all night fishing
•    Safed, the world center of Jewish mysticism (and Kabbalah) since the destruction of Jerusalem almost 2000             years ago.
•    A Tomb of one of the great Jewish sages of history, where Jews come from all over the world to pray.
•    Caesarea Philippi, where Jesus told Peter “You are Peter and on this rock..”
•    Kursi, where Jesus cast the “legion” of demons out of the demoniac and they went into the swine and                     drowned in the sea
•    The Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount.

November 26

We will leave the Sea of Galilee for Nazareth, where we will spend the next two nights.  On the way we will stop at Cana, where Jesus’ first public miracle, the wine from water, took place. While there we will have a “renewal of wedding vow” service.

In Nazareth we will be staying at the convent of the Sisters of Nazareth, a block from the Basilica of the Annunciation, which usually allows the opportunity, in the early morning or in the evening after all the crowds have left, the pray in quiet in the Basilica, in front of the cave where the Annunciation took place.  This is only possible if one stays there.

The convent is built over the “Tomb of the Just Man”, which is most probably the tomb of St. Joseph.  We will, of course, visit and pray at the tomb.

While in Nazareth we will also visit and pray at:

•    The Basilica of the Annunciation
•    Mary’s Well, where she must have gone daily to draw water
•    St. Joseph’s workshop
•    The synagogue in Nazareth where Jesus read from the Scriptures, saying “Today this scripture has been                     fulfilled in your hearing." (Lk 4:16)
•    St Joseph’s Tomb

November 27

We will leave Nazareth on our way to Jerusalem, where we will spend the remainder of the pilgrimage.  On the way to Jerusalem we will stop in Jericho, where we will:

•    Go up to the top of the Mount of Temptation, where Jesus fasted for 40 days and was tempted by satan. 
•    Visit the Baptism site on the Jordan river, outside Jericho, where:
            o    Elijah ascended to Heaven in the chariot of fire
            o    The Jewish people led by Joshua first entered the promised land after 40 years in the desert
            o    Jesus was baptized by St John
•    Depending on time and the group’s inclination, we may stop at the Dead Sea for a quick dip in the unique waters there

November 28 -- December 3

We will be in Jerusalem, with the exception of excursions to Bethlehem and Ein Karem (see below).  While in Jerusalem we will be staying at the Franciscan pilgrimage house “Casa Nova”, which is inside the Old City a few minutes’ walk from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, allowing evening and/or early morning visits to Golgotha and Jesus’ Tomb without the normal crowds, making them much more prayerful.

In Jerusalem we will visit and pray at all of the sites associated with the ministry and death of Jesus, including:

•    Golgotha, the site of the Crucifixion
•    The Tomb in which Jesus was laid
•    Gethsemane, where he prayed and sweat blood His final evening
•    The prison cell in Caiaphas’s palace where He was imprisoned his final night
•    The original steps he was dragged up on the way to Caiaphas’ palace
•    The spot where Peter denied Jesus 3 times before the cock crowed
•    The Way of the Cross, including where He was condemned by Pilate, where He was scourged, where He was             mocked and crowned with thorns, where He met His mother, and the rest of the stations of the Cross
•    The “Our Father” cave where Jesus taught the disciples the Our Father
•    The Chapel of the Ascension from where Jesus ascended into Heaven
•    Dominus Flevit, the spot where Jesus wept over Jerusalem prior to the crucifixion
•    The Palm Sunday Road Jesus processed down “victoriously” on Palm Sunday
•    The Upper Room, where the Last Supper was held and the Holy Spirit descended at Pentecost
•    St Stephen Priory, where St. Stephen, the 1st Martyr, was stoned
•    The Church of the Dormition where the Virgin Mary is believed to have passed out of this life
•    The Tomb of the Virgin Mary (believed to be by the Eastern Church)

And Jewish sites, including

•    The Temple Mount (if open)
•    The Western (“Wailing”) Wall
•    Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum (optional)
•    The “Cardo”, the Roman market street of ancient Jerusalem
•    The Jewish quarter of the Old City

On excursion to Bethlehem we will visit and pray at

•    The Birth Cave of Jesus
•    The Milk Cave where the Virgin Mary nursed the baby Jesus
•    The Shepherds’ Fields where the shepherds were when the angels appeared to them
•    St Jerome’s cave where he translated the Hebrew Scriptures
•    The tomb of the Innocents slaughtered by Herod

On our excursion to Ein Karem we will visit and pray at

•    The home and birthplace of John the Baptist
•    The spot where Elizabeth greeted Mary at the Visitation and she said the Magnificat
•    The tomb of Alphonse Ratisbonne, formerly Jewish founder of the Sisters of Our Lady of Zion
•    As time permits, St. John in the Desert where St. John the Baptist hid out

December 3, 2020

After a final early morning Mass at the Holy Sepulcher (if time permits), we depart for Tel Aviv airport for United flight 85 at 11:25am,  nonstop arriving Newark at 4:35pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Itinerary is subject to change