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Videos of TV Shows

Below are videos of some of the television shows Roy did.  Most are from Catholic shows that run on cable television systems.

Roy discusses the case of Edgardo Mortara, a Jewish child baptised against his parents' will under Pope Pius IX.

a 60 minute interview Roy had with Focus TV.  The interviewer is Char Vance.

These two are from "Perspectives: A Catholic View", a cable show based in Florida.  Show 1 has my witness testimony and a discussion of "Salvation is from the Jews", Show 2 is on "Honey from the Rock"

Roy discusses his book "Honey from the Rock"

With Roy and fellow Jewish convert Bobbi Bloom

  • (Currently unavailable) "Fatima Today" -- 'A Jewish Child Yearns for Jesus' (26 min)

  • (Currently unavailable) "Fatima Today" -- 'Edith Stein and the Return of the Jews' (26 min)

These two are from "Fatima Today", which ran on Boston Catholic TV.  On the first Roy discusses his experiences of Jesus as a Jewish child; on the second he discusses Edith Stein and the conversion of the Jews.
  • (Currently unavailable) UK Interview on Pius XII and the Papacy (15 min)

Roy discusses Pius XII and the Papacy for a U.K. Cable Station.